What Makes You Happy?

What Makes You Happy?

What makes you unique? What are your passions? Your fears? Your goals and aspirations?

The world sees you by your appearance, your age, your occupation, and other things.

But that is not you.

You are more.

Much more.

I think in life we see and talk to people everyday, but we rarely actually get know a person, get to know their dreams, their goals, their trials, and strengths.

Their divine potential.

     I have found in my life that in the times when I have allowed myself to really get to know someone, I have found more love for that person. People are amazing. People are strong. Each of us have unique trials and strengths. Learning about others trials has given me strength and has showed me how amazing humans are. How much they can fight, endure, and press forward even when their situation seems hopeless.

What strengthens them?

What gives them the ability to endure so much?

What makes them happy and bring them joy even when life is hard?

 There are many things that bring us joy, like family, religion, our passions. So I decided to think about my passions. What makes me uniquely me? God has given us each unique gifts for us to develop and to bring us joy. What are those gifts that I have? what were my strengths? How could I improve upon them? I know I’m not musically or artistically inclined. However, because I know that God has given us each skills, I knew that I did have some. But maybe they aren’t as apparent, maybe I needed to develop my talents, and maybe as I grow and experience more I will discover my talents. As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that in my life, one thing I am very passionate about is other people. Now that doesn’t mean that i’m perfect at showing it. It’s something I continually have to work at. I am an extrovert. Talking to people makes my day. I am a very social person. & I want to help others but I don’t always know how. I have always admired those people who know exactly what to say and have the courage to do it. This Is something I need to work on.There has been countless times where I have wanted to say something. wanted to help. But didn’t quite know how to say it. I hope that this blog will help me get more in tune with that so I can become better at teaching and helping others as a missionary.


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