The Book Of Mormon


I love this book. I find myself more thankful for it each and every day. Every time I read it I can feel the truth of it and the joy and understanding that it brings to my soul. I gain new knowledge and strength when I read it. I love reading the stories of ancient times and seeing the struggles and hard times the people went through. Their struggles, I find, are similar to ours. Although these stories are old, I can see myself in them. I can gain strength from the wisdom and knowledge of the people, and learn correct principles. I see how the people’s faith in god affects their lives. How some people grow and prosper, while some falter and fall because of unbelief and because they do not listening to what is right. I have had countless times in my life where I needed an answer or direction in my life. I struggled and didn’t know who I could turn to or to what source I could go to, for comfort and clarity. The book of Mormon, however, has always been there. I know, from numerous experiences, that when I need help I can open up this book and learn. It is for me. It is for US. All of us. We all can learn from it. This is a promise. This book is another testament of Christ. What is a testament? A testament is by definition: “Something that serves as tangible proof or evidence”. So, just like the bible testifies that there is a god, the book of Mormon also testifies that there is a god. They go hand-in-hand to teach the teachings of Christ. I know this. I know Christ lives. I know that he has given us these tools so that we may learn of him and follow him. He has blessed us. & I am so thankful for this.

One thing that I do to help make my scripture study more meaningful and to help me focus on what I am reading is something I call…


S stands for SUMMARIZE! So after I read I summarize what I read, in my journal.

O stands for OBSERVATION! I write down any observations I found or anything I think is interesting.

A stands for APPLICATION! We are to liken the scriptures to ourselves and apply it to our lives to help us. I write down possible applications to my life.

P stands for PRAYER! Don’t forget to pray! Scripture study can become much more meaningful if after we study we pray to ask if what you are reading is true, if there is anything more we can learn, and anything other questions we may have.

I love this strategy I know that it will help so much!!! 

The scriptures are true. God loves his children. He has given us so much. I testify of this.

Always remember to fill your day with things that make you happy & lift others 🙂


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