Motivations and Inspirations

It’s hot today.

Like too hot.

I don’t mind the heat anywhere else, but in Washington, the humidity is ouch.


It’s a whole 81 degrees outside.

Now for most people in the U.S. that is pretty great weather, but in Northwestern Washington, it’s a big deal.

You can find just about everyone at the lake or pool (If you can somehow find an outdoor pool… I congratulate you).


It’s a big deal.

This week, like most of my fellow Washingtonians, I have spent my time at the lake.

Not today though. Today I wanted to do something different. & since I don’t work until tomorrow, I wanted to make the most of my day. So I decided to make something that I’ve always wanted to make but didn’t know how to/ didn’t have patience to make.

A scrapbook. Kinda.

I found a blog a couple days ago that was all about this thing called “A LIFE HANDBOOK”, basically what you do is make a scrapbook about you, your family, your life, etc. But you also add in a section for your goals, your strengths, your weaknesses, your values, life missions, mottos, all that good stuff. I thought that would be super cool to make! It would take a lot of time but I seemed to have a lot more time on my hands since most of my friends are on missions or college, my work schedule is smaller thanks to school being out, and I need something to help me pass the time while I wait for my mission call to come!!!! gahh. it’s killer.


I decided to make one.

Here is the cover


Pretty simple, which I like.

& here is the introduction page thus far


So yeah. That’s what I did.

My sister has a thing called a vision board in her room that she made. It’s basically a board full of pictures and magazine clippings and whatever else that inspires her or is very important to her. Most of it is stuff like health, yoga, traveling, strength, religion, etc. If you know my sister you know that it t is definitely her.  I really liked that and so I decided to make one of my own today.

Here is hers


Here is mine


Probably not as cool as hers but I really like it! It’s fun to make so you should definitely consider it! It’s interesting that as you search and find things you discover more about yourself and things that inspire you, that you don’t even notice sometimes.

Like I’ve mentioned before, helping people is a big thing that inspires me. So I have a few pictures of service. Mother Teresa (She’s definitely someone I look up to). and helping hands. I also have a lot of pictures (the majority really) that has to center around my religion, beliefs, and values. I have some centered around family. My family, future family, the temple. I love the temple. ( cue church hymn). I also found that most of the pictures I put on here have strong people in them. I am inspired by strong people. Women in the bible like Esther and Ruth. Mother Teresa, ( You get the idea) I look up to women who know they are daughters of god and stand tall. They know their individual worth and divine nature. They are strong, steadfast, and immovable. They have faith, knowledge, integrity, & Virtue.

They inspire me.

I strive to be like them. to be selfless. and kind.

A quote from Mother Teresa that I absolutely love is

Inspirational Mother Teresa Quote  Do it Anyway by LADYBIRDINK, $15.00

Seriously, How amazing is this women????

Gahhh, can’t love her enough.

Always remember that in the end, its between you and god.

No one can make you feel worthless or unwanted.

No one can destroy you when you have God by your side.

So why not do good? Wny not live your life the way you know you are supposed to? Why not help others? Why not try your best? Sure, you’ll be mocked sometimes, You’ll be seen as different. But you will also find people who like you for you. They will appreciate that you are yourself and together you will accomplish great things.

And in the end, the benefit of living your life the best you could and standing up for yourself and your beliefs is so much more sweet than any bitter thing ever said.

Be yourself. Discover who you are. and stand up for that.

**Side note! I bought some new journals today because my old ones are all filled up & I’m obsessed with them at the moment..


Now I have some journals for my mission! Gratitude journal cause my other one is full- Every night write down one thing you are greatful for. It makes such a difference! Life is good! The black one is just for every-day things like to-do lists, notes, reminders, etc. & The last one says “How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver! -Proverbs 16:16” That one is for scripture study notes. Basically, Im in love and im so excited to use these! Journaling is so important and is so helpful. (Maybe i’ll d a blog later about that. maybe. we will see.

Have a great day 🙂


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